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Poé - Underwater Disco Lightshow

Underwater Disco Lightshow

3 975.- Ft
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Underwater Disco Lightshow
Who says bathing\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s boring?
3 975.- Ft

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Underwater Disco Lightshow



'Young man, there's no need to just scrub. I said young man, when you're bored in the tub. I said young man, you can sit there and blub, but it's fun to have a disco!' So sang the Village People. Almost. The point being, disco-ing in the bath is truly entertaining. But how do you transform your bath into a disco without short-circuiting your mirrorballs? Easy, you buy the Underwater Disco Lightshow.

Underwater Disco Lightshow


This ingenious floating gizmo projects several seriously psychedelic multicoloured light sequences onto the bottom and sides of the bath. It's truly hypnotic, especially as the pulsating effects are distorted by the water in the tub. Put on some suitably upbeat music, dim the main light and strike that legs apart, arm in the air pose made famous by John Travolta and you could be in Studio 54, albeit nude and soaked in hot water. Not such a bad thing in our book.

Underwater Disco Lightshow

Party in your tub

Battery-operated and 100% waterproof, the Underwater Disco Lightshow features a button that changes the patterns (some subdued, some dynamic), so you can alter the mood in an instant. What's more its curvaceous shape causes the lights to reach out to every corner of the bath. If you're feeling really decadent you could even plop this plastic doodah in your pool, pond or hot tub. Water based shenanigans will never be the same again.

Underwater Disco Lightshow

It's easy to change batteries.


Uses LED lights


Weight at the bottom.


Underwater Disco Lightshow


The Underwater Disco Lightshow has been a real hit here at Firebox HQ. In fact we're standing here wrapped in towels having just emerged from our communal bath/disco. Invigorating? We spent the whole multicoloured soak thinking up water-based disco classics to shoehorn into this description. Sadly we could only come up with Car Splosh, Heaven Must Be Missing A Plughole and a few tunes by Splashford and Simpson. Suggestions welcome.

Underwater Disco Lightshow


Whether you're chilling out or getting ready for a night on the tiles (no, not the bathroom tiles), this cheap-as-anything device is guaranteed to add a mesmerising kaleidoscope of light to bathtime. So don't just sit in the tub twiddling your pruning thumbs; order an Underwater Disco Lightshow and Blame it on the Bathtub!

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Poé - Underwater Disco Lightshow
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