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Poé - Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

2 495.- Ft
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Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain
Brown dressing gown sold separately
2 495.- Ft

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Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

Attach to your keys

You rarely see Jedi Knights struggling to open the front door after a night on the lash. That’s because defeating the Dark Side is a proverbial long streak of paralysed…erm, energy when you’ve got a trusty lightsaber at your side.

Sadly you’re not a Jedi, and unless you are in the habit of going to the Rat and Ferret wearing a cloak/brown dressing gown, full-on lightsabers are rather conspicuous. Enter, with a pretend ‘pshwooohhh’ the Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain Torch.

Not as clumsy or as random as its full sized sibling, this titchy keyring-friendly torch is an elegant flashlight for a more civilised age, and it has countless uses. The chances of you not using it are approximately 3,720 to one. Probably more.

Yoda: Green Keychain Luke: Blue keychain Darth: Red keychain




For those of you who think hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a decent Halfords torch at your side, think again. This nifty gizmo will drown any object you fancy in a suitably Jedi-ish glow. More to the point you can’t caress a regular torch whilst quoting Star Wars dialogue verbatim. Well you can but you’ll look pretty silly. ‘Take your Jedi weapon, use it!’

Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

Strong LED light

A brilliant little pressie for the Star Wars fan with everything, the Lightsaber Keychain Torch comes in three versions (Luke, Darth or Yoda), each with a different coloured beam. We guarantee you’ll be unable to resist making that iconic humming noise every time you fumble for the keyhole, search for the fuse box or conduct pretend battles on the night bus. With yourself.

At under a fiver, this handy gadget is worth buying even if you own a genuine lightsaber. But seeing as you’re gawping at this site when you should be working and you’re obviously not in a galaxy far, far away, we’ll assume you don’t. May the torch be with you. Pshwooohhh!
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Poé - Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain
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Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain
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